I keep meaning to post a cartoon that isn’t a classic Warner Brothers Bugs/Daffy/Elmer/Porky number. But have you seen Tom and Jerry lately? Or, God help you, Andy Panda? (We skip over Disney entirely for the simple reason that nobody ever really wanted to see those cartoons to begin with–they were just part of the American childhood diet, like Rice Krispies and Pop Tarts). So it’s back to Bugs. In ‘Falling Hare’ (1943) the formula of Bugs easily outwitting a hapless opponent was upended and Bugs becomes the victim of a gremlin who has no name. It’s a bit disorienting–as if Bugs were a championship tennis player who’s off his game. Nonetheless its Bugs as directed by Robert Clampett so its beautifully rendered and paced. I especially love the frames of him turning green with nausea as the plane…never mind. That would qualify as a ‘spoiler’, a term that I’ve grown to loath as much as ‘app’ and ‘bi-partisan’.


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