It’s ridiculous that the classic Chuck Jones 1955 masterwork ‘One Froggy Evening’ is unavailable on YouTube–Warner Brothers seems to have made damn sure of that. For what reason? Every other WB cartoon is available on YT. Is there a super-hero reboot of this one in development? Anyway,  I finally did a deep dive and turned up this link. Above is a mini-doc on the cartoon’s creation which gives up the name of the man who voiced the singing frog. He was the uninventively named Bill Roberts, a fine baritone singer who worked Hollywood nightclubs in the 40s and 50s. The cartoon is as brilliant on the ten-trillionth viewing (mine) as it is on its first (yours?). The meta-tale of the singing frog has always fascinated me: the fact that he knows only turn-of-the-century popular tunes (and still has his top hat and cane) suggests that there was a time in which he was a successful specialty act before, for reasons we’ll never know, he was boxed up and placed in that strange cornerstone to be discovered fifty-plus years later. And the tag of the film, which takes place in 2055, presumes that this mishegoss will go on for many more years. I dedicate this showing of the cartoon to the pile of frogs happily croaking away in the pond that sits fifty or so yards from me on this sunny early-summer morning in Connecticut. Enjoy!


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