I’m not sure what this cartoon, possibly the best Daffy Duck directed by Friz Freleng, has to do with ‘Yankee Doodle’ or anything remotely Independence day related but it’s a major hoot. I was always particularly delighted as a kid when this one turned up and got all too familiar with the one-man vaudeville routines Daffy performs for the captive casting agent Porky Pig. (Note the ‘Oscar’ that sits glumly upon his bookshelf). I’m particularly fond of the Carmen Miranda moment and wonder if the vocal is a sped-up version of whatever was recorded thus giving it its breathless, high-pitched, too-fast-to-be-true quality. It would be relatively easy to do this now and simply recalibrate things to find the correct key to wind up in, but how would they have done this pre Pro-Tools? As with everything about the WB cartoons the mind boggles if one focuses on the technical challenges that they routinely triumphed over. But who really watches Looney Tunes for that?


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