Enjoy a fat-ass Elmer Fudd and a still-in-development Bugs Bunny in “The Wabbit Who Came To Supper’ from 1942. This one features the opening credit frame with Bugs perched on the WB logo eating a carrot and giving a subtle look of disapproval at the audiences intrusion on his privacy, as opposed to the slightly later openings where he decisively pulls the Merry Melodies ‘shade’ down and shuts us out for good. His teeth are bigger here, his swagger just slightly less confident and his general demeanor is pitched a bit more hysterically than it would be just a year or two later but all in all he’s Bugs. The Elmer Fudd we see here could be compared to yesterday’s subject Peter Sellers, whose career divided into ‘fat Peter’ and ‘thin Peter’ roles. This is Fat Elmer, pre-Atkins diet Elmer. His later weight loss, like Sellers thinning down, was permanent. Unlike Sellers he didn’t score Britt Eckland. Of course there’s no evidence that he suffered from chronic heart issues either…


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