‘Micro-Phonies’ (1945) is the 87th short film made by The Three Stooges for Columbia Pictures. It was photographed from Monday, June 4 through Thursday, June 7th ,1945, and was released on Thursday, November 15th of that year. It was the second Stooge short directed by Edward L. Bernds, though it was the first that was released. His first outing, ‘A Bird In The Head’, featured a notably sluggish Curly–he’d recently recovered from a mild stroke and his speech was much more slurred and incoherent than it was just a few months later. For more on Curly, Ed Bernds, the reasons for why the films were released in reverse order and the trauma of being a Stooge click here to go my podcast and search for an episode called ‘My Life As a Stooge’, in which I recall my cherished friendship with the late Mr. Bernds. Christine McIntyre, whose beautiful singing is featured in this film, was a real-life trained opera singer who somehow wound up becoming a foil for three knockabout comedians cranking out low-budget two-reelers. Ironically, she’s probably better remembered for this seemingly poor turn of events in her career than she would be had she become a legit opera star. After all, you’re watching this today seventy-seven years after it was made, aren’t you?


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