‘Corny Casanovas’ (1952) is the 139th short subject made by The Three Stooges for Columbia pictures. It was photographed from Monday, December 3 through Wednesday, December 5 1951 and was released on Thursday, May 1, 1952. (Perhaps ‘knocked out’ is a more appropriate term than ‘photographed’). If you don’t like The Three Stooges then this film will do absolutely nothing to change your opinion. It’s filled with eye-averting, cringeworthy acts of malice and violence–Moe attacks Larry’s nose with a scissors, Moe pumps Larry full of fireplace ash by forcing a bellows into this mouth, Shemp uses a rifle to shoot thumbtacks into Moe’s ass etc. The film is one of those interesting (to me) ‘Stooge Minimus’ productions, where the whole thing takes place on one cheap apartment set with only one other actor appearing toward the end of the film. That actor is Connie Cezon, later to play Perry Mason’s secretary Gertie from 1957-1964. Ms. Cezon later operated her own cat hospital (this sounds suspiciously like a Stooge set-up, doesn’t it?) She passed away in 2004, leaving no record as to what she thought of the half-days work she put in on ‘Corny Casanovas’. We do learn a few interesting things about the Stooges from this film though. 1) They sleep in a Murphy bed. 2) Shemp wears garters. And 3) The Stooges keep an ample supply of loaded firearms in their modest abode. Anacanapa!


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