If you set out to make a parody of a 1970s TV commercial for a Stereo store you might wind up with something like the above–if you were very very talented, of course. (By the way, whatever happened to Sansui? It’s mentioned in yesterday’s clip as well). Thoughts of stereo systems from my youth have led to strange dreams of various components flying gracefully and silently around the room like ghosts of a long-gone era; Dual turntables…Boston Acoustic speakers…Carver amps…JBLs…Marantz everythings…and my parents all-in-one Magnavox cabinet console which was the size of a fat guys coffin and reposed in our living room for a good twenty years, having arrived brand spanking new in 1969 only to be carted off in disgrace twenty years later, a lugubrious non-functioning shell of its former self.


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