THE BEST OF ‘SKIDOO’ (hint: the end)

‘Skidoo’, Otto Preminger’s woeful 1968 attempt at a counter-culture comedy, is not looking any better with age. Having said that, it still possesses the most singular of all end credit sequences in which Harry Nilsson (billing himself as just ‘Nilsson’) sings the entire cast and crew list. It’s probably the only time you’ll follow each and every name listed at the end as carefully as this–it becomes a somewhat hypnotic pursuit to see how Nilsson is going to rhythmatize (word?) each name and job. Note Preminger’s intro with his overly hammy Viennese accent. Also note that one of the assistant directors was Erich Von Stroheim Jr. Further, Hope Bryce (costume coordinator) is Mrs. Preminger while Erik Kirkland (‘story and casting’) is Preminger’s illegitimate son by Gyspy Rose Lee. He later changed his name to Erik Lee Preminger and wrote the script to Preminger’s equally unsuccessful ‘Rosebud’ (1975). That’s the real Groucho Marx on the boat–he plays a character named ‘God’ and is as unhappily out of place as everyone else is. Strangely, this mutant of a movie provoked an extremely enjoyable episode of one of my favorite podcasts ‘The Marx Brothers Council Podcast’. Forget the movie and check out the podcast. And then watch the end credits again. And that will be all the ‘Skidoo’ required…


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