Music has been delivered for decades on various forms of discs that spin and scratch, from the 78rpm shellac recording through the 45 to vinyl and finally, in the mid-1980s, the Compact Disc. It’s hard to remember that the CD was once a miraculous piece of technology–especially now that most people have rid themselves (wrongly I think) of their CD collections in favor of a purely digital lifestyle. I still love CDs even though my ability to play them back is increasingly limited–after my last player broke I invested in a very primitive boom box which sounds like crap. Truthfully, I listen to music largely via Spotify. But the CD, now in the past, was once the future. Above is a local news channel story from 1985 on the brand new and soon-to-be ubiquitous revolution in modern music delivery systems,, little spinning discs that could hold more content than ever and were smaller and more durable than their spinning predecessors. Since the year is 1985 the piece is filled with interesting hair styles, including a dyed mullet to end all dyed mullets.  Making fun of outdated technology is low-hanging fruit but I’m truly moved by this little look forward into the audio future. And the fact that, at the time this piece aired, there was only one CD manufacturing plant in the country is more than a little astonishing. 


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