My sense is that very few people would disagree with the statement that ‘The In-Laws’ (1979) is one of the funniest talking comedies ever made. (I refer of course to the original, not the ill-advised 2003 Michael Douglas/Albert Brooks remake). The movie, written by Andrew Bergman, directed by Arthur Hiller and starring Alan Arkin and Peter Falk still holds up remarkably well. If you have never seen it I thought I spend a few days teasing it–this is a movie that you can find funny in clips even if you don’t have the full context for what is going on. And if you have seen it you’ll like it in pieces just as much as when watched in its entirety. Above I’ve posted an interesting Dick Cavett interview with Arkin in which he describes working with Falk. And below it, the marvelous ‘cafeteria scene’ of which the less said the better. I worked with both men–Falk in ‘The Thing About My Folks’ and Arkin in ‘City Island’. I had Falk for twenty-four days and Arkin for two and while I dearly wish (for the sake of my mental health) that those numbers had been reversed, I cherish the fact that I intersected with these two greats. Enjoy!


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