Lucille Ball’s post-Desi Arnaz divorce show, ‘The Lucy Show’, ran for six seasons (1962-1968) and had five different title sequences. Was it because of dissatisfaction on the producer/stars part? Or were the title sequence creators so inventive that it seemed a shame not to keep them employed in developing further riffs on Lucy Carmichael’s hapless adventures? I like all of the title sequences (displayed above) more than the show itself. Indeed the most interesting part of the ‘The Lucy Show’ for me has always been the strange way that Ball’s voice dropped a full octave after the end of the ‘I Love Lucy’ years. Cigarettes, booze and a divorce from her philandering Cuban husband may have all been contributing factors but one way or another Lucy Carmichael’s voice made her scary-crazy as opposed to Lucy Ricardo’s still sweet squawk, which led us to embrace the innocence of the housewife/wannabe performer. Also, it always seemed to me simply lazy to bring back Vivian Vance in an Ethel Mertz foil role but not bother to spend even an iota of creative energy on giving her a name other than ‘Viv’. 


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