“Tis Autumn…” has opened!

My film, “Tis Autumn: The Search For Jackie Paris”, has officially opened in LA, for its one-week Oscar qualifying run. Anyone interested in seeing the film on the big screen, projected on 35mm (yes, even though its a digitally shot low-budget documentary, we’ve gone to the trouble of film-outing to satisfy the Academy’s requirements) should high-tail it over to Laemmle’s Regent Showcase at 614 N. La Brea Ave. (near Melrose) and catch one of the two daily showings–12:15 and 7:40 are the showtimes. For more information on the movie, go to the “for more information on the movie” part of this weblog. On the right hand side. Over there…up a little…you got it…

The film’s official opening will be in New York City on December 7th of this year. In other words, that’s when it will be reviewed, publicized, and hotly debated. By then, of course, anyone in the hep world whose interested in the movie will have illegally downloaded it and burned multiple copies, benefiting me not a whit. But who goes into the movie industry to make money?


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