Ten or so years prior to the delightfully comedic Peter Sellers TWA ads of the mid 1970s that I posted yesterday TWA had a different vision of how to present itself to the public. Above is a one-minute ‘informercial’ ad from 1961 featuring Miss Mary Ann Lynch in a ‘day in the life of a stewardess’ number. It turns out that the ad is as much for the airline as for Coca-Cola, as Miss Lynch is shown to be brazenly addicted to the soft drink. The narrator sounds like Joe Friday (could it be Jack Webb?) and the grimness of the endeavor is the exact opposite in tone than the Sellers ads. Nonetheless, nobody is beating up on Miss Lynch or her co-flight attendants, no dogs are being suffocated in the overhead baggage holder, nobody is screaming at each other about wearing masks and Alec Baldwin isn’t being ejected for beating up a bathroom door with his foot. In other words, air travel was once pleasurable!


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