I had no idea the above existed. It’s a dropped number from ‘The Bandwagon’ called ‘Two Faced Woman’ featuring Cyd. This is especially surprising given the fact that ‘The Bandwagon’ is far and away my favorite movie musical (I can’t remember who said this but I heartily concur: “Singing In The Rain’ is the greatest, but ‘The Bandwagon’ is home”) and I assumed I knew as much about it as anyone else rightfully should. As I began watching I wondered why the hell they would have dropped this but retained the dopey ‘Louisiana Hayride’ number–that’s truly the number they should have cut in Boston. But as ‘Two Faced Woman’ went on I began to see why. The truth is it’s not a very good song and, despite Cyd’s as always stiletto-sharp presence, the dance routine really never takes flight. Much as I wanted to be wowed by this precious fragment I found myself checking my email at about two minutes in. It has a stalled feel, as if the choreographer never really got his head around it–a weary sort of vibe pervades the whole thing. Nonetheless it’s Cyd dancing (but not singing–she’s dubbed by India Adams) and thankfully the Gods of the Freed Unit saw fit to preserve it…


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