Here’s the original theatrical trailer for Stanley Donen’s 1967 film ‘Two For The Road’, starring Albert Finney and Audrey Hepburn. Last week my trio played Henry Mancini’s gorgeous eponymous theme song at our concert in Temecula, at which we devoted a full set to title tracks from movies. Alas, I find this trailer lacking in the charm that suffuses the actual movie–perhaps its simply not a movie that lends itself to ‘highlights’ (there’s an awful lot of yelling and screaming condensed into this two plus minutes). But it’s still lovely to see Albert and Audrey in redux and perhaps it will inspire some of us to rewatch the film. I had the pleasure and honor of interviewing Stanley Donen for his Directors Guild Visual History. This was back in 2005 and I found him much more lively, charismatic and prickly (in a fun way) than most ‘old pros’, who usually keep a lid on saying anything remotely controversial. Stanley let it all hang out and said some salty and very funny stuff about Gene Kelly and Debbie Reynolds (among a few others). If you’d like to watch the interview click here and you’ll be escorted thusly. It’s quite a rewarding watch, if I do say so myself.


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