Recently I posted some outstanding footage of upper Fifth Avenue in the late 1930s, colorized and with added period sound effects. The mesmerizing result of this restoration was the work of NASS, a Youtube artist who has done many of these videos usually featuring simple footage of cities in the past which are brought back to startling life thanks to the new color and sound and the adjusted frame rate. Today’s NASS video is of the Los Angeles Freeway system in the early 1950s and early 1960s. The constant stream of traffic feels like a period car show, with one gorgeous sculptural vehicle after another cruising past you. Even the trucks are beautifully shaped and crafted and there’s a placidity with which the cars are driven–everyone stays in their lanes with no apparent need to zip in and around each other to gain a car length’s advantage. The civility of the driving matched with the art of the automobiles being driven make even the already fairly heavy traffic of post-war L.A. a thing of grace and beauty.


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