Why do Worlds Fair’s dismantle the extraordinary buildings, pavilions, statues and parks that they create? Only the Eiffel Tower remains of the Paris 1889 Worlds Fair and look at what an enduring masterpiece that is! The New York 1939 Worlds Fair was filled with Streamline Moderne (and some Art-Deco) architecture and sculpture and almost all of it was dismantled at the end of the Fair’s run. Yes, there are few things left–the current day ‘Queens Museum’ began its life as the fair’s ‘New York City Building’ and apparently there’s a parachute jump that I never knew originated at the fare. But beyond those structures it appears that most of what’s left consist of a man-made lake and some replica park benches. Oh well. At least we have the above color home movie footage of some of the still breathtaking buildings. The Fair took place as the world was on the verge of a major world war and it makes the spirit of the endeavor all the more poignant and innocent to know where in the 20th century history the fair fits in–as a prelude to a tragedy the likes of which America has never known again. Click here to see an entire terrific website devoted to the Fair.


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