‘Rhythm And Weep’ (1946) is the 95th short subject made by The Three Stooges for Columbia Pictures. It was photographed from Tuesday, April 23 through Friday, April 26th 1946 and was released on Friday, October 3rd of that year. It is without a doubt the worst Curly short ever made and, alas, is also the penultimate one. There is nary a laugh to be found and Curly’s deplorable condition due to his illness is painful to witness. You’ll note that Larry has been given many more lines/gags/actions than usual–that’s because Curly was simply unable to remember lines or even perform co-ordinated routines. (His attempt at ‘bass playing’ in one of the interminable musical scenes is about as convincing as a three-year olds attempt would be). The film is padded with several boring musical numbers including a dreadful ballet sequence and its clear that nobody involved had any gas in the engine on this one. Honestly, one wonders why they bothered releasing it at all. I have no memory of ever having seen it which means either that the television stations that aired the Stooges didn’t think it worth the airtime or that I simply blocked it out, just as any child might when witnessing the deterioration of a loved one. Now I’m all depressed. Jesus. Happy frigging Fourth. I promise to do better next week…


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