‘Pals and Gals’ (1954) is the 155th short comedy made by The Three Stooges for Columbia Pictures. It is heavily reliant on footage culled from ‘Out West’ (1947) as well as a Curly entry ‘Goofs And Saddles’ (1937). Thus the only day of photography required to link the various threads together occurred on Tuesday, April 28, 1953. The film was released on Thursday, June 3, 1954. According to Wikipedia:

In order to advance the new plot and connect recycled scenes, the character of Doc Barker is killed off by dying of heart failure after consuming Moe’s Mickey Finn. Due to careless editing of stock footage, Barker accidentally reappears a few moments later while Nell is singing in the bar.So that the pre-chase scenes would match up with the chase from Goofs and Saddles, Stanley Blystone, who had played the antagonist Longhorn Pete in Goofs and Saddles, was asked to don a costume to portray one of the gang members in Pals and Gals; That way there would not be such a blatant mismatch when Blystone is seen (via old footage) yelling from the window after the Stooges jump into the wagon and flee.

And now a warning: it seems we may be coming to the end of this weekly presentation of Stoogeiana. YouTube has been taking down the Stooge shorts with alarming rapidity–it’s been damn hard these past few weeks for me to find complete versions of the films, with ‘Sony has removed this material due to copyright infringement’ warnings popping up all over the place. Copyright infringement? Where’s Sony been this past decade? Copyright is about as pertinent to our times as Morse Code. Or, for that matter, short comedies that proceeded feature presentations in movie theaters. Or, for that matter, movie theaters. My hope had been to present all 190 Stooge shorts over 190 weekends. I haven’t done the math but I think we’re well passed the halfway mark. Unfortunately we may not reach the finish line, necessitating a different weekend short presentation. Any suggestions?


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