Here’s a nice peaceful ride down Wilshire Blvd. in Beverly Hills in 1935. This footage was likely shot as rear-projection plates for car driving scenes–studios kept lots of stock footage of this sort on hand as driving scenes were not yet practically done on the road and were instead simulated on sound stages. At 1:09 we pass Eaton’s Restaurant which means we’re at the intersection of Doheny and Wilshire. The rear facing angle switches to a side facing/raking angle shortly thereafter and at 2:10 (or so) we pass the empty parking lot for the Warner Brothers Beverly Hills Theater, which is showing ‘Oil For The Lamps Of China’ starring Pat O’Brien. The movie went into release on June 8, 1935 so we can safely surmise that this is what L.A. looked like during the summer of the middle of the decade that we now think of as ‘the depression era’. Because the footage is silent I’ve added another YouTube clip of music that I think you’ll find appropriate to match the action. Sync ’em up and enjoy the cruise!


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