Continuing our story of ‘Annie Hall’ and its Oscars moment, above is a short section from a doc about Woody (don’t know which one) which tells the oft-repeated tale of how he blew off the ceremony and didn’t even know the movie had won the major Oscars of that year until he read it in the New York Times the next morning. I call bullshit on the whole thing; how could Diane Keaton, Rollins and Joffe and anyone else associated with the film not have called and congratulated him immediately on the win? Even the members of his band and the patrons of Michael’s Pub would have known. (Or would they have? We are firmly in the pre-internet era in 1978. How did we get news back then anyway?) And what pleasure does he get in perpetuating this tale of his disinterest? I like the fact that he didn’t show up–awards ceremonies truly are hateful things…but spare me the faux-innocent ‘I didn’t even think about it’ act. Or don’t, I guess.


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