Here’s a short and somewhat curious excerpt from what appears to be a television program about Marilyn Monroe made shortly after her death. It features interviews with two of her directors–Jean Negulesco (who directed her in ‘How To Marry A Millionaire’) and George Cukor (who directed her in ‘Lets Make Love’ and almost directed her in ‘Somethings Gotta Give’). They each provide a little Marilyn context for the program–how she was to work with, what she was like personally etc. Nothing groundbreaking here– though Cukor bristling at the suggestion that Hollywood ‘destroyed’ her is quite bracing and amusing–but its interesting to see the two men grappling with their memories of her so shortly after her mysterious and tragic demise. Of special note is the opening shot of the Negulesco segment, which shows the director in a medium wide shot. Dig that crazy-beautiful ginormous painting behind him! Is it a Bernard Buffet? Negulesco was a major art collector with an especially extensive Buffet collection (he was also an extremely talented painter himself). Cukor appears to be sitting in the library of his famous home above the Sunset Strip–personally I would have preferred if they’d interviewed him in the legendary oval room with walls covered in suede, a Braque and a Matisse on the walls, the latter placed over the one-of-a-kind copper fireplace…


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