It’s impossible for me to trace the perambulations of my mind which somehow wound up with me landing on a video of Ernest Borgnine giving a tour of his luxury RV Bus. But here it is and it’s pretty goofy/cool. In this video, Borgnine is 95 and still ‘piloting’ (his word) this massive recreational vehicle, towing his SUV behind him. In spite of some understandable breathlessness and a wonderfully robust and massive stomach, Borgnine appears to be healthy, hardy, completely firm (or whatever the opposite of ‘infirm’ is) and delighted with life in general. (He also emits a good healthy fart while climbing the steps, at around 32 seconds). Borgnine’s obvious pleasure in his massive ‘land yacht’ reignited my long-ago interest in Airstream Trailers. And so I’m pretty sure I know what I’ll be posting about in the coming days…


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