It’s late 1953, early 1954. And somebody with a camera and a professional car mount decided to film a little of Hollywood, USA, for no discernible purpose.  (I suppose it could be a background plate for a shot where the camera is in the backseat, focusing on the backs of the actors heads while they drive…but I still prefer to think of it as a useless exercise, one with no true utility). The journey begins on Hollywood Blvd. in the residential area between Crescent Heights and La Brea. Apparently the driver is a little drunk–he blows a red light at 43:00 seconds but does manage to stop for a good long look at the central casting blonde dame crossing the street at 1:27. We cross La Brea at 2:09 and then drunkenly weave to the left into incoming traffic before quickly correcting to the right and entering the urban stretch of Hollywood Blvd. Streetcar tracks are in evidence as are the terrifying fake ‘islands’ for passengers to stand on in the middle of the street–they’re simply painted on the asphalt and offer no protection whatsoever for the pedestrian. (Witness the woman on the right waiting for her streetcar at 3:38 and one on the left just seconds later–they’re sitting ducks). At 3:55 we hang a left on Highland Ave. and proceed north, with a view of that Church that’s still there. On the hill behind it is the not quite visible Spanish Villa apartment building that I lived in for a few years, back in the previous century. And then this moment on a forgotten day in Hollywood California comes to an unceremonious end, as they all do…


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