We did it! We won the best award any festival has to offer–the Audience Award. At 8:30 PM last night, me and my producer Lauren Versel and my editor David Leonard mounted a small stage at a Union Square boite upon hearing that “City Island”–the movie that many of you dear readers have investested much of the last year in reading about and following the progress of–was the winner of the coveted Heineken Audience Award. Out of the eighty-five movies that Tribeca selected to show this year, we were chosen by the public as the favorite.
Click here to read the official announcement. Damn I’m happy.

I’m going to bed. It’s the middle of the night and I’m still fielding congratulatory e-mails. But before I disappear, may I share with you an article from Indiewire, published just two days ago? It discusses the probable Audience Award winner and manages to name a remarkable number of potential winners…none of which are “City Island”. Does the phrase “Dewey Defeats Truman” come to mind? Am I allowed this moment of bitchiness? Of course I am. We won!

Thank you, Heineken, for sponsoring this prize. And congratulations to the runner-up films. Oh, and thank you Indiewire for your valient reporting efforts…


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