Today marks the forty-sixth anniversary of the first time Dean Martin and Jerry Lewis had seen each other in twenty years. It happened on Labor Day, 1976, and was facilitated by Frank Sinatra who, as you’ll see in the above history-making clip, took the opportunity to also throw in his favorite dopey gay-bashing joke when Jerry kisses him on the cheek for presenting a particularly large check (‘You do that one more time and we’re gonna by the furniture.’). It’s hard to tell if Jerry really didn’t see this reunion coming–could they possibly have kept it a secret backstage? If I were the floor manager (or whatever the position is of most importance on the actual floor and not in the booth) I’d have been terrified to let this event unfold. Jerry was a monstrous boss, a foul-tempered cruel unrepentant prick and even if the moment went down without undue drama on TV, I would have fully been prepared to be fired afterward for letting it happen at all. I guess that wasn’t the case though, since we’ve never heard that particular story from that particular floor manager. Either it was okay with Jerry or Jerry had the guy killed. Happy Labor Day. You’ll never walk alone.


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