What’s funnier than Don Rickles on a serious roll in front of a large audience? I would venture that Rickles on a serious roll on a local TV show with no live audience but with the crew and co-anchors becoming disabled by laughter is even better. Here he is on an old CBS local NYC show (that I unaccountably was addicted to watching) called ‘Live At Five’. The co-anchor was Sue Simmons who was no pushover and she clearly relishes the beating Rickles gives to her co-anchor Jack Cafferty. There was a sly venom in the Simmons/Cafferty on-air partnership that was part of ‘Live At Five’s’ charm–it was a local news show that made sure you knew that it was a local New York Fuckin’ City news show. Simmons took no prisoners and Cafferty projected the air of someone who was clearly headed for ‘Smith And Wollensky’ for a battalion of Martinis as soon as showtime was over. Having said that, it appears to have been no big deal for Rickles to dismantle the show and its anchors and then move blithely on to the Westbury Music Fair, where he was appearing on a long forgotten weekend in 1985.


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