These twelve minute segments of Edward R. Murrow’s ‘Person To Person’ are a great way to fill some work-avoidance time on Youtube without getting too in-the-weeds and losing half a day. Part of the reason is their short duration but part of it is also the boredom factor. They work for the first few minutes–that’s when you get the general idea and felling of the guest-celebrities house–and tend to peter out thereafter. Which brings us to Gene Kelly who, I’m sorry to say, is a perfectly nice guy who you’d rather cancel a dinner date with then attend. His famous voice becomes a drone when not supplied with sparkling dialogue and you begin to wish he’d shut up and dance about half way through. Still, this episode is worth a look largely because of the back story; the apartment Kelly is interviewed in is in New York City and belongs to Milton Berle, who is living in Kelly’s house in Beverly Hills. From the look of the exterior at the beginning of the episode it appears to be on Park Avenue (I think I see the center median) and the corner appears to be a two-way traffic street–57th? 72nd? 86th? Kelly is in New York because he’s starring in ‘Flower Drum Song’ on Broadway. His MGM career is finished and his directing career, such as it was, is still ahead of him. Berle’s TV stardom is also behind him. Perhaps two of them must have had conversations about the vagaries of show-biz fame while exchanging do’s-and-don’ts info on their respective houses?


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