Dig this 1957 appearance of Tyrone Power on ‘Person To Person’, Edward R. Murrow’s fluff entertainment show which featured interviews via coast-to-coast hook-up with various and sundry celebs. For me these shows are of real scholarly value. Not because of the content of the interviews but because we get to see the houses/apartments of the guests. In this case Power is in a penthouse in New York City on Park Avenue. We don’t get to see much outside of his little den–occasionally episodes will feature the guest giving Ed a tour of their spread–but there is much to be learned from Power’s lair. He collects old programs and letters relating to one of his acting ancestors, the first Tyrone Power who was a star of the early 19th century. He introduces us to his maid Talmetta (Palmetto?) who brings him coffee. And he shows us his cluttered desk which is stacked with scripts that he says he hasn’t yet gotten around to reading. (I’m envisioning the writers of those scripts watching the program, infuriated that he’s so blasé about not getting around to taking a couple of hours to read what took them months to churn out). Highlight: Murrow asks Power if Marlene Dietrich, with whom he’d just worked, is ‘temperamental’. WTF?


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