I believe this footage of a gentle cruise down Hollywood Blvd. in the 60s shows us the fabled (and never nearly as glamorous as out-of-towners expected it to be) heading east–there are some helpful captions giving street names along the way. Unlike the previous two days posts (which I highly recommend you go back and look at if you haven’t seen them already) this footage is not of prime quality. And yet it has its own charms. The pallid color gives a hint of LA smog–heavy back then–to the general vibe. The camera appears to be mounted on the roof of a car–it’s definitely higher then the neighboring cars and at 22 seconds the driver blows through a pedestrian crosswalk without stopping for the perturbed person crossing the street. The Youtube comments are an interesting reflection of current obsessions reflected through the lens of the past. All of the comments are nostalgic and many mention wishing they could go back to this era, one with no phones that we’re all staring at all the time. One commenter mentions the lack of crime, graffiti, street games and ‘fat people’. Is this accurate? There were no fat people prior to our current era? And fat people are as harmful as street gangs? He may have a point…an offensive point, but a point nonetheless.


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