I could never remember the name of the ‘The Inn Of the Sixth Happiness’ when I was a kid. I liked the movie but referred to it by several different variations when noting to somebody that it was soon to be on TV. ‘The Sixth Inn of Happiness’, ‘The Happy Inn of Sixes’, ‘The Inn Of the Happy Sixty’ etc. Now that I know the appropriate title I no longer care anything about the film itself. Anyway above is footage from the film’s premiere in 1958. Quite a few celebs of the era are present–Jill St. John, Jayne Mansfield, Natalie and R.J., Dina Merrill and Red Buttons…really? Red Buttons? As with the previously posted premiere footage of the past couple of days the gig remains the same: show up, pose for camera, slink into the theater to watch a movie nobody really wants to see before dutifully attending the afterparty. The producer of the movie is, of course, present. He’s Buddy Adler, a man who deserves a bit more attention than he usually gets–read his Wikipedia entry which is short on details but outlines a rather meteoric rise from short story writer to script writer of Pete Smith short comedies at MGM to Columbia Pictures producer to head of 20th Century Fox, all in a less than twenty year period. Adler would be dead from lung cancer a little over a year from attending this premiere, age fifty-four.


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