My love/hate relationship with Jerry Lewis just tilted a little further to the latter upon seeing what is truly a repulsive interview clip from 2015. Every word he utters is filled with bile, hatred and intolerance. Except when he praises himself. Go on. Take a look…


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5 Responses

  1. Well, one way to look at this in a postive light is it makes you feel better about him being dead. The funny thing is at the end when he dares to call someone else an elitist snob?!? I guess he would know as everything he says before that makes him the king of elitist snobs everywhere, even in France. Notice he wants to save a Frenchman first so he will have at least one fan left in the world. And couldn’t Jerry hire someone to shave his neck?!?

    1. Yeah, as if he wasn’t repulsive enough there’s that neck…his makeup/hair person probably fled in terror after Jerry gave them a verbal smackdown upon meeting them.

  2. Yikes !!! Jerry has always been at his worst when being interviewed !!!
    Even when talking about filmmaking he comes off as a total egomaniac and rarely even makes any sense … that being said ….. I too love “Jerry Lewis ” but not so much Jerry Lewis

  3. I must agree with your comments on Jerry lewis.
    There are a number of issues with this “Interview”
    First and formost the interviewer is not very good. he has never been very good.
    What happens to me when I watch this is wondering what happened to Jerry Lewis in his life for him to end up like this.
    When you watch him throughout his career, emotionally he starts out bright like a kid but somewhere along the way the lights went out. In the end ended up with his kids rejecting him due to what he did to them. His First wife separating from him etc etc. All I see is Pain when I look at him.

    1. Good point Roger–it’s as if he starts in a good mood and works himself into darkness. I once went to an event where he was interviewed by Peter Bogdanovich. The audience gave him a standing ovation when he entered but an hour later, as the interview wound down, his attitude had so turned off the audience that he received only some quick applause as the audience fled out of the theater. It was quite something!

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