Apropos of yesterday’s post on the joys of Muzak, above are two TV spots for the Los Angeles FM Muzak station KJOI. My memory is that there were no announcers on the station–it was a solid hour of Muzak-Bed with a canned announcement at the end of the hour telling you what radio station you were listening to (“KJOI FM 99”) and what they played (“Beautiful Music!”). As a kid I was into radio signals/TV signals and how they sometimes crossed. For instance, there was a San Diego local television station that played episodes of Jack Benny’s TV show. You couldn’t get the station in L.A. but somehow I discovered that if you tuned all the way to the bottom of the AM radio dial the audio of the station would show up. (I loved Jack Benny TV shows and missed them dearly when KTTV cruelly stopped showing them. Hearing them broadcast but not being able to see them was better than nothing). Similarly I discovered that the mysterious Channel 3–called ‘Theta Cable–which only broadcast at odd times of the day (they did the Dow Jones report in the morning but nothing else all day) played KJOI over images of the stations antenna and other Station I.D. signs. This fascinated me. I spent many wonderful after school hours staring at the strange images on Channel 3 while listening to my favorite Muzak provider. After that it was five hours of television viewing (Dick Van Dyke, Three Stooges, I Love Lucy, Partridge Family, Brady Bunch, KTLA 8PM Movie). I usually did my homework in the morning on the bus going to school.


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