Yesterday we saw the K-Tel Record Selector in action. Today I bring you the 8-Track Tape Selector. It’s funnier watching the 8-Track tapes fall forward in their slots than the records. However I am unable to locate a vintage Tape Selector. But there are several vintage Record Selectors on eBay in the $30-40 dollar range and I’m mighty tempted to buy one just to witness for myself its failure to operate as it does in the commercial. There are also K-Tel 8-Track tapes available on eBay, proving that you should never ever throw anything away when it could go on eBay instead. I’ve also posted a commercial for the K-Tel Fold-Away Dish Rack, which looks like its made from the same material an egg carton is made from. There are actually quite a number of Fold-Away Dish Racks available on eBay, made by a company called Oxo. So was K-Tel distributing them or did one of them rip the idea off from the other? The Oxo racks look sturdier than the one in the K-Tel commercial and if you having guessed yet I’m kind of depressed and not feeling like doing any real work today.


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