Yesterday I posted several K-Tel records commercials along with a nice little history and discussion of the brand and the recordings. But did you know that, in addition to somewhat cheesy LP compilations, K-Tel made more-than-somewhat cheesy home products? Above are two commercials. The first is the K-Tel ‘Record Holder’, a device that seems destined to fall apart immediately after removing it from the box. The second is the K-Tel ‘Savory Cutters’, an unusual device designed to facilitate the creation of some very mid-century looking hors d’oeuvres treats. Did it work? Perhaps. Or perhaps a finger or two got sliced along the way. In any event it has the look of something that went into that kitchen drawer stuffed with things that one means to get repaired one day. Then the parents die, the kids clean out the house, they open that drawer and find the K-Tel Savory Cutter, they toss it out, the estate sale happens, the house sells and the world moves on…


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