The above three blooper albums from K-TEL records were another early purchase of mine via the phone, using my parents credit card with no permission. For some reason I didn’t fear the arrival of the records and whatever questions might arise as a result of their presence (to say nothing of the presence of the charge on their Amex). Perhaps my parents never noticed? Or is it possible that they found my activities somehow admirably independent? I’ll never know. The bloopers on the first one are now so transparently false, so poorly staged, that it’s a wonder anyone fell for them who wasn’t twelve years old. Anyway, dig the scam they’re running in the second Super-Duper Blooper offering.

 That’s right friends. The bloopers are so raw, so uncensored, that they don’t even give you a taste of them on the commercial. Imagine? Even at age 12 (or thereabouts) it struck me as ludicrous to buy something without some idea of what was on it. And if the record was, indeed, filled with vile and filthy language, where would I be able to listen to it? The only stereo in our house was the previously mentioned (last post) funeral casket-sized Magnavox Home Stereo Console that was beached in our living room. Instead, I bought the third one…

And was I sorry I did. Don’t think I even made it to the second side.


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