Welcome to another clip of Leonard Bernstein in conflict with his orchestral players. This time, during a rehearsal of Elgar’s ‘Enigma Variations’, he rubs one of the three trumpet players the wrong way when imitating they’re playing in order to describe what he doesn’t like. His imitation is a bit insulting and over the top and the trumpet player in the center, a young English chap, will not take it lying down. Good for him! As far as conflicts go it’s quite muted but then again it’s a classical music rehearsal so how much volume can any conflict truly be allowed to produce? For all I know this is the height of impropriety, and the young trumpeter should have been banned for a lifetime from all European halls. But Lenny doesn’t roll that way–he shrugs it off and moves on with the rehearsal. Why waste anymore time on something this petty, he seems to be thinking? After all he had a Mass to write, a Broadway show in the works, children’s concerts to be televised, piano concerto’s to be studied…and then there were the after-hour events, none of which will be discussed on this family-friendly blog.


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