This one’s a bit difficult to take. Unlike the previous few posts of Bradley Cooper–er, Leonard Bernstein–tussling with his orchestra, this is a recording of Arturo Toscanini berating his orchestra in such foul, angry, loud and insulting ways that I can’t believe they didn’t just get up and abandon the rehearsal (if H.R. had existed at the time Toscanini would surely have been toast). The person who posted this, in a moment of genius, actually notated Toscanini’s voice and translated much of his Italian–he goes back and forth between his native language and English–so you won’t be able to miss an insult, even if they tend to be a bit repetitive (‘you ears are in your feet!’ is one of his favorites). I myself feel the wrath of his anger as if it were directed at me and need to take a good long walk, breathe deeply and enjoy a cold glass of something not non-alcoholic after experiencing this dreadful bastard abusing his no doubt deeply talented band of orchestral players. Fuck Toscanini. He was no Lenny B.


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