This post marks the return of my 14 year old weblog (much nicer word than the tired, early 21st century sounding ‘blog’) ‘Movies Til Dawn’, a collection of writings about videos (all provided via Youtube, natch) of all things film/music/junk culture-centric. Thanks to the lame-ass folks at Blogger, the site essentially disappeared a year ago-ot at least my ability to access it did. WordPress has handily replaced Blogger now and the wheezing 13 year old blog that vanished is now the new, spiffy up-to-date 14 year old blog that has returned.

Twitter was partially to blame for my year-long disinterest in trying to keep the blog going. It’s much easier to post a video to a merry little band of followers and be forced to write the most limited possible description of it then it is to have to write a whole paragraph or two about the same video. Yet I began to miss the ability to write whatever I wanted to at whatever length i chose and publish it instantly. In other words, I missed my nice, wheezing old-school weblog. So I’ve revived it and you’re reading this and that’s the story, more or less. Search the categories on the right for piles of posts going back to 2007, mostly involving film history, New York and L.A. history, old music history, dead TV commercials, ancient newsreel footage, rear projection plates shot for forgotten movies but that are now more significant then the movies they were shot for as they provide clean glimpses of the streets of Hollywood and New York City in the past…in other words, all kinds of crap. I hope you enjoy wasting time on this stuff instead of doing what you’re supposed to be doing, whatever that may be. I certainly have and will continue to do so far into the future…however far that might turn out to be (he said ominously).


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