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Mary Harron is an iconic Independent filmmaker whose work includes ‘American Psycho’, ‘I Shot Andy Warhol’, ‘The Notorious Betty Page’ and other fascinating and provocative movies. Many of her films deal with the underbelly of show-biz–certainly ‘Warhol’ and ‘Betty Page’ do–but even her latest film, ‘Charlie Says’, which examines the Manson Family from the viewpoint of the women in the cult, recognizes that a very L.A. obsession with fame occupied Manson and its failure to be realized may well have been one of the motivating factors that lead to the horrific murders that he ordered and his gang carried out.

Below are some clips from Mary’s movies–trailers, interviews and such. To hear my two-part conversation with Mary just go to your favorite podcast site–Stitcher, Apple Podcasts, Spotify, Youtube etc. Or go directly to my podcast site:

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Here’s a ‘master class’ video of Mary Harron:



Here’s the Gene Siskel/Roger Ebert (remember them?) review of ‘ I Shot Andy Warhol’, which was Mary’s first feature.



Here’s a clip from the outstanding ‘Charlie Says’.



Here’s Gretchen Mol discussing her role in ‘The Notorious Betty Page’.



And here’s Mary and her frequent screenwriting collaborator Guenevere Turner discussing ‘Charlie Says’.


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