Welcome to the year known repetitively as 2020 and to episode 6 of my podcast ‘Movies Til Dawn’. If you’ve found this page without knowing about the podcast, click here to find said podcast. Once you’re on the site, simply go to ‘Episodes’ and you’ll find what you’re looking for. And if you’ve come here because I told you too at then end of the podcast, then skip that step.

This month I present a two-part conversation with writer/director/novelist/editor/actor John Sayles. John has been a major force in independent filmmaking since the late 1970s (more or less) and his prodigious and distinguished output has inspired untold amounts of indie filmmakers such as myself to keep going, no matter what the odds/budgetary restrictions or any of the other things that often disillusion filmmakers from pushing on are. Here’s his Wikipedia entry which will explain his multiple-fronts career–one unlike any other–and give you a timeline of the work. Below are clips of interviews, scenes from films etc. to supplement the interview I did with him. By the way, you can subscribe to the podcast on the above site and you can find it on pretty much any of your favorite podcast apps. Enjoy 2020. I’m planning on it.

Here are two interviews with John, one discussing his 1993 movie ‘Passion Fish’ and the other a discussion of ‘The Howling’ (which he wrote) and 1994’s The Secret Of Roan Inish’.



Here’s a powerful scene from 1985s ‘Matewan’.



Here’s the trailer for 2007s ‘Honeydripper’ which we discuss in episode 2.



And here is one of twelve clips from the ‘Movie Clips’ series from 1988’s ‘Eight Men Out’, which we discuss in episode one.


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