For those of you who missed this announcement a month ago,  I’ve started a ‘Movies Til Dawn’ podcast, which features conversations between me and filmmakers of different stripes (whatever ‘stripes’ means in this context). The one thing they all have in common is a big body of work and a long, fruitful and sincere love for the medium. In other words: young punks need not apply. Last month I posted the first two interviews–Andy Garcia and the late John G. Avildsen. This month I’ve added two more–the legendary Peter Bogdanovich and the multi-talented (and very amusing) Griffin Dunne. You can  listen to all four conversations by clicking here or simply using whatever your favorite podcast app is to find it.

I’ve now converted this blog to a support system for the podcast, featuring video clips of the filmmakers I’ve interviewed. Below are various interview and movie clips featuring Messers. Bogdanovich and Dunne. More conversations are on the way…

Here are three five minute segments that Peter and Louise Stratten made for a CBS morning show in the late 1980s, discussing different classic films of the past. They’re awfully good and I believe Peter has recently revived them (thus their presence on Youtube). The subjects are, in order: films from the year 1940, Howard Hawks’ ‘Twentieth Century’ and John Ford’s ‘The Man Who Shot Liberty Valence’.

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And here are few clips of Griffin Dunne in various incarnations. Dig his White House story, his Trump encounter and his SNL appearance from, oh, awhile back:


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