Yesterday’s posting of the Merv Griffin theme song brought forth a memory (in the middle of the night, unfortunately) of the KTTV logo and theme song, which naturally preceded Merv’s opening theme. (KTTV was the L.A. station owned and operated by Metromedia television that aired Merv’s syndicated talk show).The potent combination of logo and theme song places me square in the middle of the 1970s when I was ten years old and eager to see the performers I admired (the ones that were alive anyway) show up on Merv. The Metromedia logo also signified the beginning of Saturday TV activity–I was glued to KTTV most of the weekend (and every day during the summer school break) as they featured a good sampling of old movies as well as syndicated reruns of ‘The Jack Benny Show’, ‘I Love Lucy’, etc. I was surprised to see in the above compilation of Metromedia logos that the number at the end of the theme changed based on what channel number that particular Metromedia station aired on. It’s jarring for me to realize that there were Metromedia-19’s and Metromedia-5’s and not just Metromedia-11. That’s my Metromedia–good old KTTV. Eleven, eleven, eleven!


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