Today lets have a restful few moments staring at an unchanging opening graphic for Merv Griffin’s long-ago TV talk show and listening to its famous theme song. A lovely big-band ballad apparently titled ‘Hello, Hello’ (according to the copyright held by Merv Griffin Enterprises), it was written by the protean Merv himself who, not content with making scads of money by creating and producing ‘Jeopardy’, also wrote that show’s incredibly famous theme (which is called ‘Think’, copyright held by Merv Griffin Enterprises). There’s some confusion that I haven’t the will to untangle as to Merv’s talk show theme’s real title. Some call it ‘Merv’s Theme’, some refer to it as ‘Dream Theme’. Almost nobody calls it ‘Hello, Hello’. There’s a song written by Merv called ‘It’s Like A Dream’ (copyright 1981 by Merv Griffin Enterprises) that causes some theme-geeks to refer to this song by that title. But as a cursory listening to of Merv’s 1984 album ‘It’s Like A Dream’ (copyright 1984 by Merv Griffin Enterprises) will demonstrate it’s an entirely different theme. I thought this was supposed to be restful. Really…


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