See that top video of New York City in 1956? See the video below it of Bach’s Well Tempered Clavier Book 2? Roll them both simultaneously (the NYC footage has no sound) and spend a few minutes of your Friday taking a poignant time travel trip to a New York City that is both still there and forever gone. All just views of people living their lives, all of which are now over (save for a handful of the children). The city of that time stands, the buildings mutely observing the passers-by just as they do now as the next generation of humanity hustles by. Boats are still rowed on the lake in Central Park (though not by men wearing ties) and picnic foods are still purchased at the Fairway on the Upper West Side. Who knows who these people are and what the occasion for their lovingly documented (on color film no less) voyage to NYC was? Perhaps it was so that we could view it sixty-seven years later on a Friday in the twenty-first century on something that would one day be known as YouTube which one watches on something that will be called a computer…


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