‘Heavenly Daze’ (1947) is the 109th short comedy made by The Three Stooges for Columbia Pictures. It was photographed from Monday, June 23 through Thursday, June 26 1947 and released on Thursday, September 2, 1948 (the 246th day on the Gregorian Calendar). The film is a complete misfire, a stunningly awkward attempt to place the Stooges in the then-popular heaven/earth/angels/mortals genre popularized by films like ‘Heaven Can Wait’, ‘Here Comes Mr. Jordan’, ‘Down To Earth’, which use the device of an angel being sent back to earth to attend to some unfinished business, or teach somebody a lesson or right a wrong yada yada etc.etc. The funniest thing about the film is the opening sequence–not the material itself, but the set and props which border on 6th grade talent-show quality (of an underfunded public school). None of the ‘rules’ that are necessary to make stories of this sort work make sense (who can see who, can objects move by themselves etc.) and Larry and Moe appear to be as out to lunch as to how to handle the unfamiliar ground they are on as Shemp, who flounders through this uncharted territory with none of his normal comedic neuroses to hang onto. The second half takes place in a luxury apartment that Moe and Larry have rented to impress a millionaire who might invest in their ballpoint pen invention (don’t ask). I mention this because the set contains some marvelous examples of early mid-century furniture. Enjoy the view.


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