Today’s “whatever happened to the real New York” video comes in the form a gussied-up tourist public relations ‘video’ (ten years before their were ‘videos’) shot in the early 70s. Lightning fast cutting and annoying music take us through a whiz-bang tour of the city during the John Lindsey era. There appears not to have been a World Trade Center yet and, somewhat astoundingly, the Beni Hana restaurant (which I’ve never remotely thought of as a New York specific chain) was then a new enough phenomenon to warrant a whole minute of footage. We also get a look inside the venerable French restaurant La Grenouille (still in business by the way), as well as seeing marquees of the shows of the day (‘Plaza Suite’, ‘Man of La Mancha’ etc) and–bonus–some models in white flare-pants posing at the fountain across from the Plaza hotel. As these things go, I give this one a C+/B- but its worth a watch and helped me delay the working day. Perhaps it will do the same for you…


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