A great sigh of relief as a week of uncertainty comes to a positive-ish close.

“Ish”, by the way, is a very important trio of letters in show business. Things are always happening–until they’re not. Or perhaps they’re happening again. Never say never. Never give up. We’re shooting/releasing/whatevering September-ish.

Which means: if the money is there, the intentions are all good. And if the money isn’t there, it wasn’t because we dropped the ball. We just didn’t have the cash flow. But it’s on its way. October-ish.

Releasing an independently made documentary takes great hubris, great passion and more than a little good faith. Our distributors, Outsider Pictures, have all the above in spades. Cobbling together the deals from overseas (or somesuch) to fund the theatrical rollout of “Tis Autumn” is the hubris part. To do it at all requires passion. And the consanguity between the filmmakers (me and the film’s producer, David Zellerford) and the distributors (Outsiders Paul Hudson and Peter Peterson) is dependent upon the realization that we’re all hunting for ways to make this financially work. And that nobody in the room is independently wealthy. And that the house of cards threatens collapse more often than stability. But that if we all stay focused and–sorry–POSITIVE, we can get to the end of the road.

As of yesterday we seem to be well on the road to the deliverables process.


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