It’s 1916, see? And we decide to take a ride on the brand new elevated train that travels up Sixth Avenue from the bottom of the Island to 155th. You get me, toots? So you pass your downtown ‘ladies mile’ area, move through midtown (Broadway, land o’ suckers and loafers), find yerself at 110 and Central Park West (still more Jewish folk than Black) and eventually bum yer way up through Washington Heights. But you ain’t got a nickel to yer name and your credit smells worse than fish three days old. So no tavern visit for you, ya lug. Instead, it’s a ride back downtown, where you get better views of the city (starts at 6 minutes) including a peek at what they say will one day be sumpin’ called ‘Lincoln Center’ (hell if I know what the center of Lincoln looks like). But you pass the mighty Hippodrome as well, on the corner of 6th and 43rd and get a pretty good look at the joint. Now there’s a place they’ll never tear down, I guarantee ya’. You don’t get better than the Hippodrome, and anyway what’s the City worth without a place like dat? The rest of the ride downtown I spent fishing’ for change and finally got off down on Ludlow, where a fella’ named Patsy run a nice cool saloon, with an ale waiting and a couple girlies in the backroom. An elevated train. What won’t they think of next?


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