Now this is going to take a little explaining. Yesterday I posted one of Robert Altman’s mid-60s Color-Sonics music ‘videos’ (check it out if you haven’t already–you’ll be glad you did). Here’s another one that he did with the famous ecdysiast Lily St. Cyr called ‘Don’t Call Me’. Except the clip I’ve found on Youtube isn’t the whole thing. It’s the first minute of a four minute short. And the picture quality is atrocious. And the music track is the wrong music. So why, you ask, did I post this seriously flawed representation of the great director’s work? A few reasons: 1) Lily St. Cyr is truly amazing. 2) A little Altman is better than no Altman. 3) The film was shot in Altman’s garden in his then house in Mandeville Canyon and the Gazebo/Pergola thing in which much of the action takes place was something he’d bought and had shipped home from Europe (a nice little domestic touch, I think). But more importantly it led me to further and increasingly deep searches that culminated in me finding the entire film with the correct soundtrack and more than decent picture quality on THIS FACEBOOK PAGE. Dig the meta of the whole experience–you’re in Southern Cal in late ’66 shooting a movie at Altman’s house with a world-class striptease artist. The drinks and the steaks and the then hard-to-come-by marijuana cigarettes no doubt followed. The mind boggles…


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